Dish TV Password Menance

I got a new Dish TV HD connection. Watching Live Cricket in HD is a very amazing experience. I tried to create a new online account to manage subscription etc.

Immediately after signup (choosing a new password at the time of signup), I was show (forced) a screen to change the password with the following message:

To increase your online web security, kindly change your password in every 15 days.

On a site like Dish TV, the frequency for visit should be at most once per month (to renew the subscription et al.) and the above policy means I have to change my password every time I would login to the website. That makes this the strictest password policy enforcement I have seen till date :)

Given the target audience of the website, changing password so often means people are more prone to forgetting their password and more trouble (calls/emails) for the customer care department.

What can be the logic behind such a policy. A novice at work?

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One Response to Dish TV Password Menance

  1. Indisch says:

    Same prob here with Reliance Broadband connection. The problem is compounded by the fact that one can’t repeat the last 3 passwords. Suckers!